Powerful and Complete UI Kits for Rails

Buy a Dresssed UI Kit and get straight to developing awesome features

A beautiful and unique UI Kit for your Rails app is just a bundle install away.

You want things to look good, but don't know how.

No problem! Every one of our UI Kits has been professionally designed to look fantastic.

You want much more than just a Theme.

A Dresssed UI Kit is a complete App design using a fully customized version of Bootstrap, including:

  • Complete Bootstrap re-skin
  • Landing pages (with Rails Generators)
  • Pricing pages (with Rails Generators)
  • App specific pages (user settings, timelines, etc) - all via Rails Generators
  • Scaffold support
  • Rails Helpers for speedy UI building and consistent markup
  • Integration with devise, simple_form, will_paginate, kaminari
  • Much more... each UI Kit has unique features

Buy once, use as many times as you want.

All other theme sites require expensive 'extended' licenses of upwards of $1000 for use in something you'll charge end users for.

We only use one simple license that allows unlimited use - commercial or personal, for one price.

Our Turbo Rails UI Kits

Gimlet 2.0 On Sale!

A simple, elegant and versatile theme, with a classic styling.

Learn more about Gimlet →


A modern, clean take on Flat and Material design.

Learn more about Ives →


Karbon is a slick modern theme with emphasis on high contrast and legibility.

Learn more about Karbon →


Aria is a light a breezey theme, which really lends itself to Apps which have more general audiences.

Learn more about Aria →

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Finish that side project (or get your startup started)

Even if you know Rails well, let's take a look at how long it's really going to take you to buy a 'cheap' generic Theme else where and integrate it into your Rails app:

  • 2hrs to find a suitable theme you like, buy it, and begin to understand how the Theme has been structured and laid out.
  • 1hr to create a layout that has the base markup of the theme, setup the asset pipeline to include the CSS stylesheets you'll need to extract, get the page title working and so on.
  • 0.25hrs to figure out the probably non-idiomatic Bootstrap markup that's been used
  • 0.25hrs to create an ERB home page view that works outside of the bought theme
  • 0.25hrs to create an ERB pricing page view that works outside the bought theme
  • 0.25hrs to create an ERB footer view that works outside the bought theme
  • 0.5hrs to make some Rails helpers to keep your markup from becoming a mess
  • 0.5hrs to apply the theme to any Gems like devise, kaminari and so on.

That's at least 5 hours to get a 'generic' theme integrated to a basic level in your Rails app.

If you value your time at $/hr then

Check out the Themes →

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely happy with our UI Kit, we'll give you your money back up to 30 days after purchase, no questions asked. Hell, you even get to keep the UI Kit. And since Dresssed UI Kits are compatible with any Bootstrap-based markup, you won't have to rewrite your views all over again. No money wasted, no time wasted. That's our 100% risk free offer.

Want to see how it works?

Here's a short video where we explain how easily and quickly you can get started with a Dresssed theme.

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