The most gorgeous, complete and flexible Rails Themes you've ever used, or it's free.

Each theme is a full Rubygem packed with Rails Generators to create all of the pages you need, along with View Helpers to cut the drudgery of making awesome layouts, tons of components and styles you won't find anywhere else.

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Dresssed Rails Themes are the BOMB! They are easy to install and play nicely with existing code within my project. When I've emailed them questions they've been quick to respond and have even provided code snippets to help me out! A+ for product and service! I will definitely use Dresssed for themes in the future!
Alberto plata 0d76f3a031e7ee2b7bf5821655f40c64ebfa2a96d1123c5b622e716f5a85d506

Alberto Plata – Software Engineer

John and the team at Dresssed have really outdone themselves. I’m a longtime Rails developer, and while speed of development is one of the things I love most about Rails, getting theme files from designers into the application and playing nicely in the asset pipeline is probably one of my least favorite things. The Gimlet theme was about as simple to install as you could ever hope for. I’ve purchased a number of Bootstrap 3 themes from other vendors, and shoehorning them into my apps is always a challenge. Dresssed hit this one out of the park. I can’t wait to see what future themes from them look like! Definitely a happy customer for sure, and I’ve already recommended Dresssed to several of my friends. This is a steal at this price - they should be charging more.
Josh ettwein 7e872f62f6071654f2d0d7754270d8f85b04e4bb6164d18f9853a7419af977b5

Josh Ettwein – CTO, BigParticles

Go from nothing to a gorgeous, fully styled app in minutes

Unless you happen you be a first class front end whizz kid, chances are you build things that probably look 'ok' at best, because CSS is hard and Design is harder.

By the time you throw in being fully responsive, and working across multiple browsers, you've got a real headache on you hands.

When you buy a Dresssed theme, you get a world class Rails based theme, designed by top designers, and by using the power of Bootstrap as its base, gives you a top notch UI experience that works in all modern browsers, is fully responsive, and looks amazing.

All backed by our personal, friendly, first-class support.

So maybe now's the time to impress your boss with that little side project?