The most gorgeous, complete and flexible themes you've ever used, or it's free.

It's all the same process over and over again...

You have an idea for a cool app, but it has to look good! So you hunt around for themes or a designer. It takes forever and you still need to make a lot of modifications to it. Our themes are here to help. Pick one, run a few commands and you can get back to coding again and have a stunning app that will compare to any professionally designed app around, but without the costs and time.

A complete custom Theme and more...

What we are offering is NOT a simple theme with a few pages you have to replicate pixel to pixel. It's a full rebrand of Twitter Bootstrap, additional components, deep Rails integration and layouts so that you'll have everything you need to build the app you want with a consistent design and a markup that make sense. It will be the only theme you'll need to buy for your app.


Watch how ridiculously easy it is to install and use our themes.

Our new theme: Gimlet 2.0

Now SASS based!

A simple, elegant and versatile theme. It is packaged with three styles, a homepage, pricing page, scaffold templates, support for multiple gems and every Bootstrap components, each with a unique twist. It also contains new components that will make your app stand out. Gimlet is also fully responsive, compatible with other Bootstrap themes and a bunch of Rails plugins.

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The power of Bootstrap 3 with a unique look, customizable, compatible and easy to install.


Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3

All of our themes are based on the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. Which means, you get access to the dozens of components and features of Bootstrap 3, but with the unique and fancy look of our theme. Plus, we include a few components of our own in every theme.


Cross-browser & cross-device

Our themes support all major browsers, and are optimized for tablets, smartphones and desktops. Write your views once and support a bunch of devices without even thinking about it. It's part of the power of having a theme based on Bootstrap.


Love it or it's free

We craft our themes with passion and a lot of attention to details. We want you to have the best experience possible when using our themes. If you're not totally happy with it, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. You keep the theme or switch to a different Bootstrap theme (remember, they are compatible).


Made from premium quality designs only

Subtle textures, shadows, gradients and loads of small details will give your app a classy and polished look. Each theme is designed by a top professional designer and is then carefully converted into a Bootstrap theme and integrated into Rails by us.

Open rails

Deep Rails Integration

Our themes come with deep Rails 4.1.6 and 3.2.19 integration. We provide custom scaffolding generators that make creating new forms a breeze.


Third Party Gem Integration

All of our Themes have custom overrides for:

  • Devise
  • Kaminari
  • will-paginate
  • simple-form

Also, all integrations and scaffolding work with both ERB and HAML!