The most gorgeous, complete and flexible Rails Themes you've ever used, or it's free

Each theme is a full Rubygem packed with Rails Generators to create all of the pages you need, along with View Helpers to cut the drudgery of making awesome layouts, tons of components and styles you won't find anywhere else.

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Dresssed Rails Themes are the BOMB! Gimlet 2.0 was easy to install and played nicely with existing code within my project. When I've emailed them questions they've been quick to respond and have even provided code snippets to help me out! A+ for product and service! I will definitely use Dresssed for themes in the future!
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Alberto Plata – Software Engineer

Go from nothing to a gorgeous, fully styled app in minutes

Unless you happen you be a first class front end whizz kid, chances are you build things that probably look 'ok' at best, because CSS is hard and Design is harder.

By the time you throw in being fully responsive, and working across multiple browsers, you've got a real headache on you hands.

When you buy a Dresssed theme, you get a world class Rails based theme, designed by top designers, and by using the power of Bootstrap as its base, gives you a top notch UI experience that works in all modern browsers, is fully responsive, and looks amazing.

All backed by our personal, friendly, first-class support.

And the best part is, you get to re-use the Theme as many times as you want, forever.

So maybe now's the time to impress your boss with that little side project?

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If you're not completely happy with our Theme, we'll give you your money back up to 30 days after purchase, no questions asked. Hell, you even get to keep the Theme. And since Dresssed Themes are compatible with any Bootstrap-based markup, you won't have to rewrite your views all over again. No money wasted, no time wasted. That's our 100% risk free offer.

Want to see how it works?

Here's a short video where we explain how easily and quickly you can get started with a Dresssed theme.

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