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Ives is a modern, clean take on Flat and Material design. Ives shoots for a happy spot between the clean aesthetic of Flat design and the enhanced usability of Material Design, taking the best from both worlds. Supplies a complete Dashboard layout, several landing pages, and much more. Check the complete feature list below!

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rails Features
Rails Integration

We provide a bunch of handy Generators and View helpers for use in your views that take the pain out of building things quickly

16 Rails Generators

A super fast way to generate many app pages in seconds.

Devise Integration

All of your Devise routes will have gorgeoues new syles applied to them in seconds.

Devise Invitable Integration

The same consistent styling applied to your Devise Invitable pages and emails.

will_paginate & kaminari Integration

Your pagination will be styled consistently right out of the box.

simple_form integration

Now you can have the power of simple_form and great stlying automatically applied!

4 Devise & Devise Invitable Mailer Templates

No more ugly plaintext emails! We've tailored some pretty spiffy email templates that look fantasitc.

ERB & HAML scaffold templates

We support you, HAML freaks :) And of course ERB support too.

app pages Features
Powerful Metrics Dashboard

Ideal metrics dashboard for SaaS metrics, site analytics or order throughput.

3 Exclusive Landing Pages

Clean landing pages with variants for standard headers, video headers and a complete minimal landing page for early access apps.

Blog Post & Archives

Gorgeous blog post layouts with full bleed header images and dynamic footer.

Dynamic Pricing Page

A simple pricing page that is full responsive and looks great.

Timeline Page

A user activity / timeline page completely generated for you.

User Profile Page

A sweet User Profile page to get you started.

User Settings Page

Users always need settings to tweak. Send them to this page!

Legal Pages

Generators for Legal Pages (Terms of Service and Privacy).

Side-nav Layout

For Admin interfaces, we have a generator that produces a beautiful side-nav based layout.

FAQ Page

A nice, simple FAQ page layout for all your Frequently Asked Question needs.

additional Features
3 Powerful charting libraries

Ives includes Flot.js, Morris.js and Rickshaw.js charting libraries so you can get started right away building awesome graphs and charts.

Bootstrap 3 Standard Markup

Full compatability with the latest Bootstrap 3.3.6+

1595+ Icons

The complete Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Ionicons and Material Design Icons icon packs at your disposal.

Bootstrap Extensions

CSS Switches, Custom File Upload, Custom Avater Upload, Vertical Centering, Positioning Helper Classes

Full Material Design Color Support Classes

You get the full Material Design color palette at your fingertips for backgrounds and text colors

Minimal Devices

CSS only Apple-style devices to use to showcase screenshots and images.

8 CSS Spinner Loaders

A collection of awesome CSS only spinning loaders.

A custom design will cost you thousands of dollars. Buying a generic theme and doing the integration yourself will cost you even more of your own time.

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Our 100% risk free offer: if you're not completely happy with our theme, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked, up to 30 days after purchase. And since our theme is compatible with any Bootstrap theme, you won't have to rewrite your views all over again. No money wasted, no time wasted. That's our 100% risk free offer.
Theme Details
Required Rails >= 3.1
Required sass_rails >= 5.0
Bootstrap Version 3.3.7
DesignerJohn McDowall
Released 2015-04-23
Updated 2017-08-30

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Shipped as a Rubygem

Each theme is shipped to you as a Rubygem installed from our secure private source. Installation is a snap, and updates are a breeze.

Dozens of App Page Generators

We provide dozens of complete App pages that are ready to go with one execution of a Rails generator - both ERB and HAML.

Handy View Helpers

We provide a range of Rails View helpers to speed up common tasks and commong Bootstrap tasks like menu building.

Asset Pipeline Integration

Every theme is built to work directly with the Rails Asset Pipeline, so no copying files around.

Turbolinks Ready

Use Turbolinks? No problem - each Dresssed theme is ready to be used with Turbolinks.

Heroku Ready

Seamlessly works with Heroku, just deploy as you normally would.

Popular Gem Integrations

We provide theme specific custom integrations with many popular Gems such as simple_form, Devise, Devise Invitable, Kaminiari and will_paginate.

We Love Modern Browsers

Because we use Bootstrap, all modern browsers are supported and we take effort to make sure all of our components behave appropriately too.

Endlessly Customizable

Want to tweak something? No problem - just run a customization generator we provide and all the SCSS files necessary to tweak all the variables will be generated for you.


Here's what some of our hundreds of customers have to say about using Dresssed

Dresssed Rails Themes are the BOMB! They are easy to install and play nicely with existing code within my project. When I've emailed them questions they've been quick to respond and have even provided code snippets to help me out! A+ for product and service! I will definitely use Dresssed for themes in the future!
Alberto plata 0d76f3a031e7ee2b7bf5821655f40c64ebfa2a96d1123c5b622e716f5a85d506

Alberto Plata – Software Engineer

While I love the Ives theme, I love the utility and flexibility of it even more. Strong work!
David badawi 60d8797024681fe870a96873b79e0a829d15a24a44a5fbff3ef9ca001271434e

David Badawi, MD

I’ve purchased a number of Bootstrap 3 themes from other vendors, and shoehorning them into my apps is always a challenge. Dresssed hit this one out of the park. This is a steal at this price - they should be charging more.
Josh ettwein 7e872f62f6071654f2d0d7754270d8f85b04e4bb6164d18f9853a7419af977b5

Josh Ettwein – CTO, BigParticles

Having built Rails apps using themes that weren't gems like you provide, [Dresssed] saves me so much time.
Eric robinson c5c0a3d027e701792b3add97e72e478b429697cdc7fe742c617dc8cbda26eb95

Eric Robinson

I'm a big fan of Dresssed!
Michael victor 6bbbbed32b40dce1481618a66b5d239fa99d0dbbe3a04f1203c18f0d7f7946da

Michael Victor

John, thank you for the excellent support!
Haiz oppenheimer 506ba5eee8d0d5ebf698b130d883bf7321d311b07b0d49471707df1d96959265

Haiz Oppenheimer

Happy face 90b53165600d437520cce2a0949a9dd08a5ae5a1d8164d216a99d2e04838041d


  • We love our customers, and do our very best to help them out with any questions they have. Your queries go directly to John, the creator of Dresssed, and a seasoned Rails developer and front-end guy.

  • Decided Dresssed themes aren’t for you? Simply email us within 30 days and we’ll refund you via Stripe straight away.

  • You’ll also enjoy free updates to Dresssed themes as we fix bugs or add new features. Complete peace of mind!